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With its Head Office in Jakarta, Indonesia PT Karana Logistik International is leading provider of freight forwading services world wide. Service is our product. PT Karana Logistik International services cover all aspects of freight forwarding both by air and by seasurface, including customs clearance, warehousing, transportation, consolidation/deconsolidation, road transport/haulage, and tug and barge transport. We handle the materials for entire industrial projects, manufacturing operations, import/export shipments, and small volume customized freight. "Naturally we've had competition from international companies while becoming established. But we have now built a base of experience that clearly gives us the edge, especially with shipments in and out of Indonesia. Indonesia presents some unique logistics problems; we're prepared to handle them quickly and efficiently"

Karana ShipOwning

Karana Ship Owning

Karana Line previously specialized in plywood carrier to Japan and Korea and owned a fleet of 9 vessels. Currently it owns and operates one general cargo vessel MV Pritha of dwt 5920 MT within Indonesia carrying cement, fertilizer, corn, steel plates, rice etc. The company has also made some strategic decision to operate box type vessels and intends to make investment in coming years.

Karana ShipOwning

Karana Chartering

Karana Line dedicate desk/team has developed degree of expertise in different commodities in dry bulk cargo which includes steel products, cements, fertilizers, grain, coal, iron ore etc and is active in spot contracts. Strong connection with Ship owners, in-house data system, network with established brokers and fast communications enables market information to be shared with clients quickly for making informed decisions

Karana ShipOwning

Karana Agency

Speedy and well-coordinated delivery of husbandry services during your port call will ensure efficient vessel turn-around, minimizing time spent at port. Our excellent relations with suppliers and ports & immigration authorities ensure your needs are given preference.

Karana ShipOwning

Karana Stevedoring

Karana Line and its subsidiary stevedoring companies has right set of equipment and expertise in all major ports in Indonesia to provide customers effective and professional solutions. Our customers depend on us to deliver as promised. Careful planning before by our experienced team, supervision during cargo operations by experienced port captains and subsequent securing of cargos is how we demonstrate our excellence. The safety of your cargo is our top priority, and we have experts on all important ports working around the clock to make sure it arrives on time and in perfect condition.

Karana ShipOwning

Karana Depot

Karana Line owns depot with state of art facilities in Surabaya located at Jl. Kalianak 73B Surabaya with total effective land of 1.83 Hactres and Jl. Osowilangun No. 125 Kel. Tambak Osowilangun Kec. Benowo with total effective land of 4 Hactres, and maximum capacity of 600 Teus /day. Main Services include

Karana ShipOwning

Karana Logistic

As Part of Integrated Logistic service company Karana Line through its subsidiary PT. Karana Logistik Internasional provides costumized logistic solution and project cargo solution. Since we are general Agent of many international and national shipping lines, we offer much better competitive rates and priority shipping. Our innovative solutions, international network of partners coupied with effective use of information technology ensures any type of cargo from household to fashion, industrial equipment to project cargoes meets the deadline.