PT. Karana Logistik Internasional

Your reliable partner in Logistics solutions
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With its Head Office in Jakarta, Indonesia PT Karana Logistik International is a leading provider of freight forwading services world wide.

Service is our product. PT Karana Logistik International services cover all aspects of freight forwarding both by air and by seasurface, including customs clearance, warehousing, transportation, consolidation/deconsolidation, road transport/haulage, and tug and barge transport. We handle the materials for entire industrial projects, manufacturing operations, import/export shipments, and small volume customized freight.

"Naturally we've had competition from international companies while becoming established. But we have now built a base of experience that clearly gives us the edge, especially with shipments in and out of Indonesia. Indonesia presents some unique logistics problems; we're prepared to handle them quickly and efficiently"

Group Profile

Established in year 1967, Karana Line is one of the biggest and reputable company in the shipping and logistic sector in Indonesia. From specializing in transporting plywood, it has diversified its business as one stop solution for Shipping, Chartering, Port Agency, Stevedoring, Logistic and Freight Forwarding Service and responded to changing business dynamics to provide reliable, competitive and innovative services to our foreign and domestic clients. Dedicated offices on important ports in Indonesia, back up with professional team, good network with Port officials; Karana Line has ample experience in handling all kinds of vessels and smooth Cargo Operations.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company; Karana Line has gone through series of transformation to implement Good Corporate Governance Policy, emphasis on Quality Management in Operations and frequent audits to exceed expectation of clients. With a glorious Past and Future driven Clear Growth Strategy, Karana Line is optimistic to contribute its part in nation building as well and participate in visionary Government plan of developing maritime sector in Indonesia.


We work in a professional manner so that it can be ascertained that the goods we serve will be safe from any risk.

Professional Worker

We have a lot of workers in their field - each, and we require our employees to work in a professional and capable expected

Good Service

Our goal is in any condition we will serve our customers well and comfortably. So that customers will be satisfied to accept the services we provide