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In this era, The World seems to be developing at an ever greater rate, changing not only the way we look at things, but also the way we do them. This change poses new and exciting challenges for all of us. The establishment of KARANA LOGISTIK INTERNASIONAL in 1989 coincided with this era of rapid development. In its first decade of operation it has welcomed the challenge and, in an astonishingly short time, established itself at the forefront on the international logistic and freight forwarding industry, with a reputation for professionalism and service excellence.

At KARANA LOGISTIK INTERNASIONAL, we consider our dedication and commitment to service as an integral part of our vision to become a prime logistic and freight forwarding company, and our mission to play a leading role in the development of Indonesia by representing the nation freight forwarding & logistics interests at an international level.

Within Indonesia, our company has expanded its service network in various key port cities where as our global link today extend to international logistics and freight forwarding companies in major ports.

As an international logistic and freight forwarder, we are proud to serve our customers, both national and international, by offering first rate logistic and freight forwarding services. We are supported in this work by an excellent team of professionals, effective management principle and the application of the latest innovation in cargo moving and communication technology.

Whatever your freight forwarding and logistics needs, wherever and whenever you require us, we at KARANA LOGISTIK INTERNATIONAL are ready to serve you.


  • 1967

    Establishment of PT.Karana Line as a Shipping Company with focus on General Cargo and oil and Bulk Carrier Owning and Operating MV Karana Ampat of 6000 DWT Owning and Operating MV Karana Enam and Mv Karana Delapan of 7,000 DWT for carrying log to Japan.

  • 1971

    Opening of Branch at Balikpapan and Tarakan.

  • 1974

    Opening of Branch at Pontianak

  • 1976

    Opening of Branch at Batam

  • 1982

    Opening of Branch office at Tanjung Priok, Surabaya and Cilegon.

  • 1984

    • Member of INSA (Indonesian National Shipper Association)
    • Cooperation With McDermott Indonesia
    • General Agent of Dong-shue, Korean based shipping company

  • 1985

    Pan Ocean, Korean Based Shipping company appointed PT.Karana Line as General Agent

  • 1987

    Cooperation with Dongnama , largest South Korean Shipping company to serve routes between Indonesia, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines,Malaysia and Singapore and appointment as General Agent.

  • 1988

    Eastern Car Liner(ECL), one of the largest Japanese shipping company appointed PT. Karana Line as General Agent Cooperation with ECL to operate General Cargo Vessel MV Karana Sembilan of 7, 100 Dwt Collaboration with Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, a Japanese based company from transporting iron ore from Brazil and Norway for PT. Karakatau Steel. Operate and owned vessel MV Kartiniof 68,000 DWT. Establishment of Stevedoring companies in Tanjung Priok, Surabaya, Medan, Batam, Samarinda, Balikpapan, Cilegon

  • 1989

    Establishment of Freight Forwarding and Logistic Company, Baruna Bosara Trans International (PT.BBTI)

  • 1993

    Orient Overseas Container Line limited (OOCL) Hong Kong based shipping Line appointed PT.Karana Line as General Agent
    Establishment of a joint venture with OOCL. PT.Karana Line bought MV Ratih 12000 Dwt for liner service between Indonesia ,Hong Kong and Taiwan. Purchased crane barge Bimba 1 to support operation for OOCL, Dongnama etc

  • 1994

    Purchase and Operated 3 General cargo cum Semi container vessels namely MV Ambalika 9600 Dwt,MV Arimbi 10,200 DWT and MV Ambika 10,200 DWT for serving Indonesia-Japan-Korea route

  • 2003

    Certification ISO 9001-2000 and ISM code

  • 2006

    Sinokor Merchant Marine , South Korean Based Liner appointed PT. Karana Line as General Agent

  • 2010

    Jan De Nul , Singapore based Principal appointed PT.Karana Line as Agent for handling Port Husbanding in Batam

  • 2012

    PT. Haspul Indonesia General Agent for Heung A Line appointed PT. Karana Line as General Agent
    JSK a Korean based General Agent appointed PT. Karana Line as Sub Agent for Port Husbanding of Steel Products
    Own and Operate Cargo vessel Pritha of 5,920 DWT for carrying Inter Island cargo

  • 2017

    Digitalization of PT.Karana Line and all Branches Renaming of Logistic Company (PT.BBTI) to PT.Karana Logistik Internasional ISO Certification 9001-2015

Corporates Values

  • Vision: To be the customers choice in shipping and logistic in the region by delivering cargo on time through excellence in operation
  • Mission:
    • Handle any cargo efficiently at competitive cost and on time
    • Expand our network and business through collaboration nationally and internationally and contribute
    • in national growth
    • Evolve from patner of choice to strategic partner
    • Increase the shareholders value through continuous operation excellence
    • and marketing responsibly
    • To fully implement Good Corporate Governance Policy
  • Values (CIPTA):
    • Customer focus: Building Relationship with Principals, shippers,
    • consignee and to be Responsive to Customer
    • Integrity: Delivering Work with full Transparency
    • Performance: Contribute every day with Sense of Urgency
    • Teamwork: Connect all dots Together.
    • Accountability: Take Responsibility for action

Certificates & Membership